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Friday, 19 September 2014

Theo Teases Us With His Sexy Wide Feet


It doesn't get much better than THEO! This STUD has quickly become a fan favorite with his MASCULINE GOOD LOOKS and PERFECT BODY. Of course, his SOCCER PLAYER LEGS and MANLY WIDE FEET have nothing to do with his popularity. Yeah....right! This guy has it all! In this shoot he goes to great lengths to TEASE US WITH HIS FEET. He enjoys the fact that so many of our loyal members LUST AFTER HIS FEET. We asked him if he'd let a member PLAY WITH HIS FEET one night. He replied, "SURE, WHY NOT?" Wow! ARE THERE ANY TAKERS? I may have to sample the product first before a member gets to his BEAUTIFUL FEET. We do have to worry about quality control you know! Hehehe! Enjoy Theo!!


Friday, 12 September 2014

Hunter Page Tickles Alex's Huge Size 13 Feet


HUNTER PAGE and ALEX are back! This time Hunter gets revenge on Alex for TICKLING him a few weeks back. Hunter grabs Alex's HUGE SIZE 13 FEET and TICKLES them all over! Nothing is held back and Alex goes wild! Alex has such WIDE BARE SOLES there is a lot for Hunter to work on. Hunter gets his fingers right in to Alex's BIG THICK TOES. It's real sensitive in there! Alex is trying not to laugh, but can't help himself. Hunter is doing a number on him. Who wouldn't want to tickle Alex's MASSIVE MANLY FEET? These guys put on a fine TICKLE SHOW!


Friday, 05 September 2014

Drew Catches You Looking At His Perfect Fratboy Feet


This week we introduce you to a TRUE MASTER! His name is DREW and he is about to ROCK YOUR WORLD! Drew is a HOT STRAIGHT FRATBOY, but what makes him EXTRA SPECIAL is that he has a thing for TEASING GUYS WITH HIS BIG FEET! He loves knowing that we are GETTING OFF to his PERFECT MANLY FEET. In this shoot, Drew catches you CHECKING OUT HIS FEET. He can't believe you LIKE HIS SOCKED FEET and he goes to great lengths to TEASE and HUMILIATE YOU. He tells you to SNIFF HIS SOCKS and gets his FOOT SO CLOSE TO THE CAMERA YOU CAN ALMOST TASTE IT! He takes a SOCK OFF and that's where the ACTION BEGINS! This FRATBOY is the REAL DEAL! In the coming weeks we will be premiering a series of HOT FOOT VIDEOS from this STUD so be sure to STAY TUNED!


Friday, 29 August 2014

Tommy D's Beautiful Feet For the Taking


From JAKE CRUISE comes TOMMY D - one of the HOTTEST GUYS EVER! This boy has it all going on - CUTEST FACE, SEXY BODY, and DELICIOUS BOY FEET. What more could you ask for? In this compilation we see Tommy D get his FEET slowly STRIPPED by his girlfriend. He shows us his SOFT BARE SOLES and FLEXES HIS TOES RIGHT IN OUR FACES! We next see Jake Cruise slowly take Tommy D's SHOES AND SOCKS OFF and WORSHIP HIS BEAUTIFUL BOY FEET. The compilation finishes with a nice massage, where Tommy D gets his FEET OILED UP. Jake can't resist GOING DOWN ON HIS PERFECT TOES! What a treat!


Friday, 22 August 2014

Eli Gets His Sexy Boy Feet Massaged


ELI is the boy next door that everyone wants to take advantage of. He is the guy in class that you want to see BAREFOOT UP CLOSE. Luckily for us, Eli falls asleep and we get to do just that. Eli has BIG SEXY BOYFEET and he knows that we want to WORSHIP THEM. He is ready to have them taken care of, but first he gets a SENSUAL FOOT MASSAGE. His SMOOTH FEET are so inviting as they get RUBBED and CARESSED. They look so ready for a GOOD LICKING. This shoot is all about Eli's BARE FEET ready for the taking! How many HOT GUYS this summer would you like to do this with?


Friday, 15 August 2014

Hunter Page Gets His Sensitive Boy Feet Tickled


HUNTER PAGE is back again! This HOT BOY had so much fun with ALEX last time that we had to see more. We have lots of TICKLE FANS, so this week we decided to ask these guys how TICKLISH they are. Of course, no TICKLE INTERROGATION would be complete without a test. In this shoot, the guys open up about how TICKLISH THEIR FEET are and any experiences they've had. They also give us a good show of their SOCKED FEET and SEXY BAREFEET. It doesn't take long before Alex gets down and starts TICKLING HUNTER'S FEET. Hunter goes crazy! I think he's a lot more ticklish than he thought. Or maybe Alex is just that good! Enjoy!


Friday, 08 August 2014

Daniel Paxton Shows Us His Soft Boy Feet


How many of you can't get enough of SEXY BOYFEET? With summer upon us, they are everywhere! This week we feature DANIEL PAXTON who is hoping to help feed your BOYFEET DESIRES. This guy has the CUTEST TOES and BAREFEET. He starts by showing you his NIKE SNEAKERS. He takes a GOOD WHIFF of one of his SNEAKS. Oh yea! Once they come off we are treated to his WHITE BOY SOCKS. I bet they SMELL REAL GOOD! He SLOWLY PULLS OFF HIS SOCKS to reveal his SOFT BOY SOLES. He stares right in the camera as he FLEXES THEM in our faces. Oh boy! What do we have to do to get a LICK OF THOSE BEAUTIFUL BOY FEET!


Friday, 01 August 2014

Hunter Page Worships Alex's Socks and Barefeet


HUNTER PAGE is about to amaze. This HOT BOY is not only SEXY AND CUTE, but also has a MAJOR FOOT FETISH. He told us in his intro shoot how much he likes BIG STUD FEET (don't we all!), so we paired him up with one of our BIGGEST FOOT STUDS - ALEX. When Hunter saw Alex's SIZE 13 FEET for the first time he LICKED HIS LIPS. This boy knows what he wants! We just let the cameras role. Hunter took charge and began to SNIFF, LICK and SUCK Alex's MASCULINE FEET like no other. He LICKED and RUBBED HIS FACE INTO ALEX'S SMELLY SOCKS. Then he went straight to Alex's WIDE BARE SOLES and THICK TOES! It was obvious Hunter was in ABSOLUTE HEAVEN! Who wouldn't be? Alex couldn't help but get a HUGE HARDON, which he proceeded to rub through his shorts. Hunter LOVES ALEX'S BIG BEAUTFIUL FEET! These two may have just found their match!



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