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Friday, 17 April 2015

Sean Jacob Gives Us a Close Up Foot Show


We have a new model this week. His name is SEAN JACOB, but he goes by the name Jacob. He contacted us saying that he thinks he has NICE FEET. We had him over and he was a very nice guy. He is very humble and professional. In this shoot, see him show off his BIG SNEAKERS, his WHITE SOCKS and then on to his NICE BAREFEET. He is definitely worth adding to our repertoire of HOT GUYS on our website. Enjoy!


Friday, 10 April 2015

Drew's Athletic Fratboy Feet After the Gym


This week you are in for a big treat! If HOT STUD JOCK FEET is your thing than DREW is back to please. This guy is over the top! He loves his LITTLE FOOT BOYS and will go to no end to make you DROOL AT HIS BIG FRATBOY FEET! In this shoot, Drew is home from the gym and orders you to SMELL AND LICK his NASTY SNEAKERS. He knows you can SMELL THE STINK OF HIS FEET THROUGH THEM and he wants your FACE IN THEM! He SLOWLY TAKES OFF HIS SNEAKS and lets you INDULGE IN HIS SOCKS. You can even SEE HIS TOES THROUGH THEM.....WOW! He SPREADS HIS TOES right up into the camera. On to his MASSIVE BARE FEET. Drew knows this is the real prize for many of you. He SHOVES HIS HUGE FEET IN YOUR FACE. They NEED TO BE LICKED! Can you tell I'm a big fan of Drew? LOL. Rather than me writing forever (and I could), I suggest you WATCH THE VIDEO!


Friday, 03 April 2015

Gorgeous Straight Feet In Your Face


STUDFEET and JAKE CRUISE are serving up another set of HOT STUDS! You guys can't get enough of our STRAIGHT JOCK FEET series and neither can we! These STUNNING GUYS know you love seeing their BIG FEET so we are happy to offer them up to you. In this compilation, you'll see CONNER MAGUIRE show us his BIG WIDE BARE SOLES. Then we have FRANKY WEST get his FEET WORSHIPPED. Next up, SHANE FROST has his SEXY BOY FEET MASSAGED and last but not least JOEY TRILLIANI puts his BIG JOCK FEET RIGHT IN OUR FACES! Who can resist these BEAUTIFUL GUYS and their DELICIOUS HUGE MASCULINE FEET? Enjoy! :)


Friday, 27 March 2015

Roy Silver's Sexy European Feet


Talk about BIG DELICOUS FEET! This week we introduce ROY SILVER. This GOOD-LOOKING, SEXY STUD has INCREDIBLE FEET. At 6 foot 3 inches, Roy is a complete package. He is also super nice, which makes you like him even more. When we told him that our members would LOVE TO WORSHIP HIS FEET, he smiled and said 'That is awesome, I love a NICE RELAXING TONGUING OF MY TOES AND SOLES.' That's all we needed to hear! We were in love! Lol. This GORGEOUS GUY will have you in awe as he shows you his DIRTY SNEAKERS, SMELLY SOCKS and then reveals his BIG BEUTIFUL SIZE 12 FEET. You are in for a treat! Enjoy!


Friday, 20 March 2015

Hunter's Sexy Boy Feet Up Close


HUNTER PAGE is about to get close up and personal! This cute boy has a GENUINE FOOT FETISH. He has talked about his FOOT FETISH EXPERIENCES and now he is going to make you LUST AFTER HIS FEET. Watch him get them UP CLOSE TO YOUR FACE. He likes that other FOOT GUYS ADMIRE HIS FEET. Hunter wishes he could WORSHIP EVERY HOT STRAIGHT GUY'S FEET (don't we all!) He puts them up on a table and FLEXES THEM every which way for you. C'MON, GO FOR IT....TAKE THEM! He wants you to SHOOT A BIG LOAD to his DELICOUS BOY FEET! Enjoy!


Friday, 13 March 2015

James Gets His Big Size 12 Soccer Feet Massaged


THE FOOT GOD JAMES IS BACK! We know there are many guys to choose from on STUDFEET, but lately none have gotten us more excited than James. This stud has it all - a HOT BODY, BEAUTIFUL FACE, THICK SOCCER LEGS and some of SEXIEST SIZE 12 FEET EVER! This week, Lewis wanted to get in on the action and is going to give him a NICE, LONG, SENSUAL FOOT MASSAGE. James was more than happy to lie back while Lewis takes charge and RUBS HIS FEET for the camera. James wants us to admire his BIG SOCKED FEET and BARE TOES and SOLES. We don't want to disappoint him....do we? Sit back and watch one of the HOTTEST GUY'S FEET AROUND! Enjoy!


Friday, 06 March 2015

Beautiful Straight Stud Feet For You To Worship


STUDFEET and JAKE CRUISE are on a role! Judging from loyal members, you guys love seeing these STRAIGHT GUYS' FEET. Who wouldn't? More and more STRAIGHT STUDS are allowing us to ADMIRE THIER BIG MANLY FEET. Lucky for us! In this compilation, watch SPENCER REED let Jake Cruise have a taste of his BIG SIZE 12 FEET. Then we have DYLAN ROBERTS show us his AMAZING BIG WIDE SOLES. They are absolutely PERFECT! Next up, TRAVIS IRONS extends his SMOOTH BOYFEET for Jake to LICK AND SUCK. You can tell Jake LOVES IT! Finally, JOSHUA BALLMAN with no hesitation lets us admire his STUNNING SEXY JOCK FEET. There is something for everyone in this one...as always...keep the Kleenex nearby. :)


Friday, 27 February 2015

Win Diezel's Masculine Hard Working Feet


This week we introduce WIN DIEZEL. If you are looking for PRETTY BOY FEET, this shoot is not for you. Today we are all about BIG, STINKY, HARD WORKING MAN FEET. Win has got awesome MASCULINE SIZE 12 FEET. He makes no apologies that they are not SMOOTH and SOFT. His BIG TOES AND WIDE SOLES are for you FOOT LOVERS that want the REAL DEAL. His MANLY FEET are INTOXICATING. They are just like all those STRAIGHT BLUE COLLAR STUDS we see everyday and wonder what their FEET are like. Watch Win get down and dirty. He BITES HIS SNEAKERS, TEASES YOU WITH HIS THICK SOCKS and ultimately SHOVES HIS BIG BAREFEET IN YOUR FACE. RAW MANFEET are here for you.



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