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If you're a foot fetishist, you're in good hands at Stud Feet, these guys will satisfy your kink! - Gay Demon


Good-looking guys showing off their sexy feet for your foot-fetish fantasy delights. - The Best Porn

Friday, 18 April 2014

Ray Shows Us His Sexy Boy Feet


Our new model RAY is a cutie! He came to us a few weeks ago saying that he TAKES REALLY GOOD CARE OF HIS FEET. He asked us if he thought our members would like him. We told him there is only one way to find out! So today we introduce Ray! As you will see, he is FULL OF ENERGY and someone you just want to give a BIG HUG. He loves to workout and even though he's compact, this is definitely the case of QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. His PREPPY GREY SHOES, DIRTY WHITE SOCKS and SOFT BAREFEET are enticing. I think the answer to Ray's questions is YES! I think our members will like him! Enjoy!


Friday, 11 April 2014

Urban's Shows His Soft Feet While He Jerks Off


URBAN continues to keep on giving! This week he gives more than just a FOOT SHOW, as we are treated to him JERKING OFF for us. Urban has SEXY, SOFT BOY FEET and this week we find out he has quite a HUGE COCK too! Watch him tempt us with his BLACK SOCKED FEET and then go on show us his CUTE BARE FEET. All the while he is STROKING THAT BIG COCK of his! He even CUMS ON HIS FEET for us. Watch Urban in all his glory!


Friday, 04 April 2014

Sebastian Bronco's Massive Bodybuilder Feet


If BIG, MASCULINE BODYBUILDER FEET is your thing - we have a treat for you!  Here is SEBASTIAN BRONCO. He is a 6 foot 4, 225lbs adonis! His SIZE 13 MASSIVE FEET are sure to please. He has no problem SHOWING OFF HIS FEET, and said he often gets them checked out. No wonder! Those BIG SNEAKERS, SMELLY WHITE SOCKS and LARGE MASCULINE BARE FEET. Where do you start? Many of us FOOT GUYS could think of a thing or two to do with his SEXY BIG TOES and HUGE BARE SOLES. Watch him give us a GREAT FOOT SHOW and SMELL HIS OWN SNEAKERS. Definitely worth checking out!


Friday, 28 March 2014

Businessman Levi Tucker's Feet are Worshipped


Our friends at GENTLEMEN'S CLOSET want to get you off! This week we thought we'd showcase one of their top videos. They have the HOTTEST BUSINESS MEN'S DRESS SHOES, SHEER SOCKS and BIG BAREFEET on the web! In this shoot, watch SEXY LEVI TUCKER get the FULL FOOT TREATMENT. FERNANDO is the lucky guy who gets to WORSHIP HIM. He starts with Levi's BIG DRESS SHOE in his MOUTH, and from there Fernando goes on his SMELLY SHEER SOCKS. Fernando LOVES IT! It's not long before Levi's SOCKS COME OFF and we are treated to uninhibited BARE FOOT WORSHIP. Levi even RUBS HIS SEXY SOLES all over FERNANDO'S FACE! It definitely got us all HOT AND BOTHERED! We hope it does the same for you!


Friday, 21 March 2014

Ben's Incredible Feet on the Stairs


BEN is about as PEFECT AS THEY COME! The saying 'a picture is worth a thousand words' applies well to this STUNNING GUY. Words do not justify how SEXY HE REALLY IS! He makes our hearts melt, and according to viewer e-mail, he has similar affect on many of you. We absolutely LOVE HIM, so we had him back for an UPCLOSE look at those SEXY FEET again. This time we had him on the stairs and go to see his BEAUTIFUL SOCKED FEET and BARE SOLES from a great angle below. When he goes on his knees and shows us his WIDE SOLES from behind it is almost too much to handle! BEN IS A GOD! The lucky guy, or gal, that ends up with this STUD is going to have won the lottery!! Can you tell we are a bit excited about! Enjoy!


Friday, 14 March 2014

Santos and Rodriquez Worship Each Others Big Masculine Feet


There is nothing like BIG SWEATY FEET AFTER A WORKOUT. Both RODRIQUEZ and SANTOS are going to show us first hand! Both MASCULINE STUDS are working out doing bench press when Rodriquez notices that Santos' BAREFEET INCHES FROM HIS FACE. Rodriquez wants to SUCK ON SANTOS' SEXY TOES. This is where the action begins! Santos BRINGS HIS BIG MEATY FOOT DOWN ON RODRIQUEZ'S FACE. He loves it! The action just INTENSIFIES when both guys end up LICKING AND SUCKING EACH OTHER'S BIG BAREFEET. If this doesn't get you hard you need to get your FOOT FETISH CHECKED! :) If all our workouts could end like this, we'd be at the gym every single day!!!


Friday, 07 March 2014

Urban's Sexy Feet Massaged While He Sleeps


We are back with URBAN this week! This boy has some SEXY MIDDLE EASTERN FEET.  He likes guys PLAYING WITH HIS FEET and we are only too happy to oblige. This week we treat Urban to a NICE SENSUAL FOOT MASSAGE while he sleeps. Lewis does the honors and really gives Urban's FEET A GOOD WORKING OVER. Lewis ENJOYS RUBBING THOSE NICE SMOOTH FEET. Of course, Lewis can't help himself and gets into TICKLING HIS FEET a bit too. We expect nothing less from Lewis! Enjoy!


Friday, 28 February 2014

Ben's Goes Crazy Getting His Big Fratboy Feet Tickled


It doesn't get much better than this! You guys asked for here it is! BEAUTIFUL BEN gets his BIG FRATBOY FEET TICKLED! He was reluctant every time we asked Ben for a TICKLED SCENE. He said he used to get TICKLED AS A KID and HATED IT! Well after some convincing Ben agreed. We asked LEWIS to go easy on him - that didn't last for long! Watching Ben SQUIRM LIKE CRAZY while having his HUGE FRATBOY WHITE SOCKS TICKLED was quite the thrill. Ben was breathing hard. He wanted out of there! But the action really gets good when Lewis got BEN'S SOCKS OFF. Ben's BIG VULNERABLE WIDE BAREFEET were just too TEMPTING TO NOT TICKLE. Lewis knew exactly what to do. For those into TICKLING, this is definitely a scene not to be missed!



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