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Friday, 02 December 2016

Anastasio's Masculine Socked Feet on the Desk


ANASTASIO, the ITALIAN STALLION, is back again! We can't get enough of this STUD! And by your viewer e-mails, you seem to have a liking for him too. :) He is INCREDIBLE to say the least. A STUNNING MASCULINE GUY with PERFECT FEET TO LUST OVER. It really doesn't get better than this, he is the complete package. In this shoot, he sits at a desk and puts his HUGE SOCKED FEET UP IN OUR FACE. We can't help but enjoy and enjoy we do! It starts with his BIG SEXY SNEAKS ON, then those SOCKS UP CLOSE! You can almost SMELL THEM FROM HERE. He even WIGGLES HIS TOES IN HIS SOCKS. We are in heaven! He is one of the HOTTEST MODELS WE'VE EVER HAD! Time to get to work on them :)


Friday, 25 November 2016

Roberto Gets a Sensual Foot Massage


ROBERTO has some INCREDIBLE LATIN FEET. They are going to get a GOOD MASSAGE in this shoot. Lewis decided to help us out. He LOVES RUBBING A HOT GUY'S FEET. Well this week he's going to get his chance. Roberto decides to have a nap and we let Lewis lie back and do his thing. He starts by giving them a NICE RUBDOWN, really getting DEEP INTO THE TOES AND SOLES. Then, he gets out some moisturizer and really starts to work them over. What a thrill! Enjoy!


Friday, 18 November 2016

Renato Belaggio's Incredible European Feet


RENATO BELAGGIO is here to spice things up! This EUROPEAN STUD has SEXY FEET and he knows it! He has no problem showing them off and letting us ENJOY THEM. In this shoot he starts of in his SMELLY TAN SOCKS. It's not long before he TAKES THEM OFF. He gives them a GOOD WHIFF! I bet they SMELL GREAT! His SMOOTH BAREFEET are up next. He PUTS THEM UP for us to admire. They are AMAZING! Renato is definitely a keeper. Enjoy!


Friday, 11 November 2016

Max's Amazing Feet on the Couch


MAX (aka Tate Ryder) is about to light up our lives! This STUD has got some of the MOST INCREDIBLE FEET EVER! They are ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! To top it off, Max is so INCREDIBLY SEXY as well. He's a REAL MAN. There is not much not to like with this guy. In this shoot, we asked Max to relax on the couch and we'd just ROLE THE CAMERA. What we didn't anticipate is that he started TEASING US WITH HIS FEET UP CLOSE. He SPREAD HIS TOES, and FLEXED HIS SOLES. He put his BIG FEET RIGHT UP IN THE CAMERA. All the while he STARES AT US AND SMILES. We got angles from both the TOPS AND BOTTOMS of his MASCULINE FEET. This is one to watch again and again!


Friday, 04 November 2016

Anastasio's Massive Feet In Our Face


ANASTASIO is one of the HOTTEST MODELS we've ever presented here at STUDFEET. This guy has some of the MOST INCREDIBLE FEET EVER! According to our members, they tend to agree. :) We couldn't resist showing this  ITALIAN STALLION and his BEAUTIFUL BAREFEET UP CLOSE. I mean real close. Like we are UNDER THEM! In this shoot, Anastasio lies back and relaxes with his FEET UP on the edge of the couch. He MOVES THEM AROUND ever so slowly. He wants you guys to enjoy his BIG SEXY FEET. Go on - PUT YOUR FACE IN THERE! Go wild. He would LOVE IT. And boy oh boy....so would we. Enjoy Anastasio's AMAZING MASSIVE, MASCULINE FEET!


Friday, 28 October 2016

Grizz's Fratboy Feet While He Jerks Off


GRIZZ is here to give us quite a show! Grizz called us up saying today he was especially HORNY. What young guy his age isn't? We offered him to come by and do his thing, but on one condition. You guessed it....a JERK OFF SCENE WITH A FOOT SHOW! What better way to enjoy all that he has to offer. Watch him get down and dirty for our cameras. This FRATBOY has GREAT BOY FEET. Watch him FLEX HIS TOES in all positions as he STROKES HIS SEXY COCK. Enjoy!


Friday, 21 October 2016

Maddox Moon Takes Off His Smelly Converse Sneaks and Socks


Every time we get one of these SEXY EUROPEAN STUDS in a FOOT FETISH shoot I wonder if they are really into the fetish. They seem to play it up so well! MADDOX MOON is no exception. If this guy isn't into FEET he certainly knows HOW TO TURN US ON! In this shoot, Maddox SLOWLY TAKES OFF HIS STINKY CONVERSE SNEAKS. He gives them a GOOD WHIFF! They must SMELL GREAT. He then PEELS OFF HIS WHITE SOCKS. He PUTS THEM RIGHT IN HIS FACE! This guy is too much! I want to HANG OUT WITH HIM for the day! Enjoy SEXY MADDOX and his FRATBOY FEET!


Friday, 14 October 2016

Roberto's Sexy Barefeet Tickled


ROBERTO is here to get his SEXY LATIN FEET TICKLED! Who better than to get to carry out this TICKLE TORTURE than Lewis. Roberto is not sure if he has TICKLISH FEET. We find out very quickly in this shoot. Lewis doesn't hold back! Roberto shakes and laughs as Lewis uses his FINGERS EVERYWHERE. He knows all those spots on Roberto's FEET that are MOST VULNERABLE. Watch as Roberto gets his TOES AND SOLES TICKLED ALL OVER. Nice CLOSEUPS in this one! :)



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