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If you're a foot fetishist, you're in good hands at Stud Feet, these guys will satisfy your kink! - Gay Demon


Good-looking guys showing off their sexy feet for your foot-fetish fantasy delights. - The Best Porn

Friday, 25 July 2014

Juice Gets His Big Fratboy Feet Massaged and Tickled


JUICE is a STRAIGHT BLOND STUD that knows you guys LIKE HIS FEET. In his last shoot, he told us how much he likes FOOT FETISH GUYS admiring his SEXY FEET. He would let you WORSHIP his SIZE 12s no problem. So we had to have this STUD back! In this shoot, we had Juice take a nap and get a nice SLOW FOOT MASSAGE. Lewis RUBS HIS SOCKED FEET and then SLOWLY TAKES OFF HIS SOCKS to give Juice's BIG BARE SOLES and TOES a good working over. Of course, Lewis can't resist those HUGE BAREFEET in his hands. He needs to give them a GOOD TICKLE. Juice wakes up to Lewis MERCILESSLY TICKLING his MASCULINE FEET to no end. Enjoy!


Friday, 18 July 2014

Tony Capucci's Hot Straight Italian Feet Exposed


From JAKE CRUISE comes TONY CAPUCCI - a HOT ITALIAN GUY with some of the most BEAUTIFUL FEET EVER! In this compilation we get to see Tony give us a FOOT SHOW that is second to none! This guy is the ultimate in SEXY! He is not only the HOTTEST STUD, but has an AMAZING BODY. I'd be LICKING THIS GUY ALL OVER. His BIG SIZE 11 WIDE FEET would be the icing on the cake! Watch Tony get his FEET PLAYED with by Jake Cruise, and then his SOCKS STRIPPED OFF by a lucky lady. His BIG BARE SOLES are put right in the camera! The video finishes off with a GREAT MASSAGE. You foot guys will LOVE THIS ONE!


Thursday, 10 July 2014

Hunter Page's Sexy Boy Feet and His Foot Fetish Revealed


This week we have a real catch! Introducing HUNTER PAGE and his SEXY BOY FEET. If this cutie's name sounds familiar, it's because he's a porn star. He's been in numerous movies, but what most people don't know about him is that he as a MAJOR FOOT FETISH! In this shoot, he not only show us his PERFECT TWINK FEET, but also tells us all about his ATTRACTION TO MALE FEET. He tells us the first time he ever realized he liked BOY'S FEET and exactly what TURNS HIM ON. You will LOVE how detailed he gets about the SENSUAL with other STUD'S BIG BAREFEET! Lucky for us, he has no hang-ups and is happy to put his FOOT FETISH on display! Enjoy!


Friday, 04 July 2014

Theo's Beautiful Wide Soccer Player Feet


We have FOOTBALL FEVER like everybody else right now! Seeing all those HOT, SWEATY STUDS on the field is enough to get anyone hot and bothered. Lucky for us this week we have our very own SOCCER STAR - THEO! He has played all of his life and when he came in for our shoot, we had no idea how DROP DEAD GORGEOUS this guy would be. When his SNEAKERS came off - HOLY SMOKES! This STUD had AMAZING, WIDE, MASCULINE FEET. These are no dainty pair of slender puppies. Theo has BIG BROAD SOLES and THICK TOES! Exactly the kind of SOCCER FEET we'd expect to see at the WORLD CUP! Thank you Theo for making our DREAMS COME TRUE! Enjoy!


Friday, 27 June 2014

Fredy Costa's Sexy, Straight, Masculine Feet After a Workout


When you think of a SEXY, MASCULINE, STRAIGHT GUY'S FEET this guy comes to mind. FREDY COSTA is an original. He's a BEAUTIFUL MAN with STUNNING WIDE FEET. He gives us a GREAT FOOT SHOW after his workout - first with SNEAKS, then NICE DARK SOCKS and then those AMAZING BAREFEET. He knows exactly how to get our juices flowing. His SIZE 11s are some of the most LICKABLE FEET around. They are PERFECT! His LONG TOES and BROAD BARE SOLES are enough to send us FOOT GUYS into a tail spin! Watch when he deeply SNIFFS his SOCKS! He's SO HOT!


Friday, 13 June 2014

Nikk Torretto's Straight Masculine Feet are Worshipped


From JAKE CRUISE comes NIKK TORRETTO - the guy next door whose FEET YOU WANT TO WORSHIP. He is too STUNNING for words. In this shoot, we see Nikk's MASCULINE FEET UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL. First, he shows us his BIG BLACK BOOTS and SLOWLY TAKES THEM OFF for us. We get to see his NICE BLACK SOCKS, then he slips them off and shows us his BIG BAREFEET and SPREADS HIS TOES WIDE. He's got PERFECT FEET. We are then treated to Nikk's getting COMPLETE FOOT WORSHIP from Jake. Nikk's BIG COCK is to die for. Watch Nickk and fall in love!


Friday, 06 June 2014

Juice Wants You to Worship His Big Fratboy Feet


JUICE is a BLOND STUD! There is no other way to say it. At 6 foot 3 and 190 lbs, he is definitely a big guy. But what is most striking about Juice is his CONFIDENCE. When you hear him speak he makes you fall in love with him. In this shoot, we had him SHOW OFF his BIG FEET on the stairs. We asked him does he like his FEET WORSHIPPED and that's where the FUN BEGINS. He talks about guys wanting to SERVICE HIS BIG FEET. How it FEELS GOOD and he has no problem with it. Where was Juice when I was growing up!! Watch him give you a guys a FOOT SHOW that will be sure to get you AROUSED! Enjoy!


Friday, 30 May 2014

Jeffrey Branson and Sebastian Bronco's Erotic Foot Play


JEFFREY BRANSON and SEBASTIAN BRONCO are going to rock your world! They are TOO HOT for words. Both these BEAUTIFUL EUROPEAN GUYS give us a FOOT SHOW that is completely EROTIC. They know exactly what we want to see! It starts with Jeffrey giving Sebastian a SENSUAL MASSAGE of his THIGHS and CALVES. And what BEAUTIFUL LEGS he has! He then goes on to his BIG, WIDE BODYBUILDER FEET! He of course has to take a BIG WHIFF of his SOCKED FEET first! Then Sebastian returns the favor by giving Jeffrey a GOOD FOOT LICKING while he lies on his stomach. You won't be disappointed with this one!



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