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Friday, 30 January 2015

Remi Gets His Huge Boy Feet Massaged


REMI is back! We haven't seen this STUD since the fall, but we asked him back to show off his SMOOTH BOYFEET again. This cutie was more than happy to give us another FOOT SHOW. This week, we decided to let him lie back and let LEWIS do all the work. Watch Remi get a NICE LONG FOOT MASSAGE. First in his WHITE SOCKS and then on to his GREAT BAREFEET. Lewis WORKS HIS FEET OVER with moisturizer and makes sure EVERY INCH of those GORGEOUS FEET are WELL CARED FOR. He even TICKLES REMI'S FEET REAL LIGHTLY. How could Lewis resist? Watch this SENSUAL FOOT MASSAGE!


Friday, 23 January 2015

Max Summers Tickles Michael Troy's Big Manly Feet


MAX SUMMERS and MICHAEL TROY have teamed up to bring us one HOT TICKLE SHOOT! Max must have won a bet, because we are about to see him MERCILESSLY TICKLE MICHAEL TO NO END! It starts off harmless, with Max giving Michael a SOCKED FOOT MASSAGE (that is after he TAKES OF HIS SHOES and gives them a BIG SNIFF!) Then, the SOCKS COME OFF (and also get a BIG WHIFF of course!) and Max gives Michael and SENSUAL BAREFOOT MASSAGE. This is where the relaxation ends! All of sudden, Max lets loose and begins to go CRAZY TICKLING Michael's BIG MANLY BAREFEET. He grabs his WIDE SOLES and TICKLES THEM HARD! Michael doesn't know what to think and can hardly take it! Max goes up to Michael's ARMPITS and gives them a working over too! Max can't resist - he puts his SMELLY ARMPIT on Michael's FACE for him to LICK! HOT KINKY ACTION!


Friday, 16 January 2015

James Teases Us With His Beautiful Size 12 Feet


We are back this week with one of our most popular FOOT STUDS - JAMES! This HANDSOME GUY caused a stir with many of our viewers. We decided to have him back to show off his BEAUTIFUL SIZE 12 FEET. This time, James thought he'd treat us guys to a SLOW TEASING WITH HIS BIG FEET! If we had to name this shoot, it would be called COME PLAY. James knows you guys LOVE HIS BIG HOOFS, and he does a good job showing them off. He starts in his WHITE SOCKS, rubbing them with each other and posing them. Then, the SOCKS COME OFF and we are treated to his SEXY WIDE SOLES and LONG TOES. The TOPS OF HIS FEET are equally as HOT. He SLOWLY FLEXES THEM, knowing we are me mesmerized by every movement. It's as if our FACES ARE RIGHT UNDER THEM!!! Wow!


Friday, 09 January 2015

Ray's Sexy Boy Feet on the Bed


RAY wants us to have another go at his SEXY BOY FEET! This CUTE STUD is back to tempt us. This time, he shows us his SOFT BOY FEET on the bed to make all of us drool. He is good at it and is quite the TEASE! Ray loves the idea of us foot guys ADMIRING HIS FEET, and we are more than happy to oblige! In this shoot, Ray lies on the bed and we get UPCLOSE and PERSONAL. His cute smile in the background as he FLEXES HIS TOES BACK and makes his SOLES REAL WIDE is enough to make us melt. When you have Ray, what more could you ask for? Cutie Ray is definitely a keeper! Enjoy!


Friday, 02 January 2015

Brothers Drew and Timothy Stick Their Fratboy Feet in Your Face


HAPPY NEW YEAR! We are getting the new year off to a special start with DREW and his BROTHER TIMOTHY. When I told the both of them how much our loyal members LOVE THEIR FEET they both started laughing. They couldn't believe how much guys wanted to WORSHIP THEIR SMELLY FEET! So we had them back to give us more...way more! In this shoot, both Drew and Timothy HUMILIATE YOU to no end! Drew TAKES OFF HIS BROTHER'S SNEAKS AND SOCKS! They both know you LUST AFTER THEIR MASCULINE FEET. They put you in their place and make you SNIFF, LICK and SUCK both their SEXY MAN FEET. Get in BETWEEN THEIR TOES! Can you imagine? TWO BROTHERS SHOVING THEIR FEET IN YOUR FACE! Watch Drew and Timothy work their magic with their BIG TOES and WIDE SOLES! GET YOUR FACE IN THEIR HUGE FEET!


Friday, 26 December 2014

Four Hot Studs Get Their Jock Feet Worshipped


Just in time for the holidays, STUDFEET and JAKE CRUISE have teamed up to bring you a super hot compilation! FOUR HOT STUDS features some of Jake's HOTTEST STRAIGHT GUYS showing off what else, but their BIG JOCK MASCULINE FEET! We don't hold back in this one! First up, we have BRADY JENSEN. This blond jock has HUGE SIZE 12 FEET. Watch his reaction as he gets them SUCKED! Next up is two hot guys - JESSY ARES and JUSTIN CHASE. Justin gets hard WORSHIPPING Jessy's MANLY FEET. In the third scene, watch TY RODERICK get his SEXY BOY FEET LICKED ALL OVER. He loves it! Then finally, catch MIKE JAG get his DRESS SHOES and SOCKS REMOVED to reveal some of the HOTTEST STRAIGHT FEET AROUND. He is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! We hope you like this new compilation! Happy Holidays!


Friday, 19 December 2014

James Models His Masculine Wide Boy Feet


With winter upon us, we don't get to see those SEXY BOYS in FLIP FLOPS or BAREFOOT in the summer anymore. Well today we introduce you to JAMES. He is going to help us get over our lack of NICE BOY FEET on display. James is one SEXY GUY, with a nice smooth body. But what makes this stud amazing is his is his BIG, WIDE, SIZE 12 FEET. They are PERFECT! Nice BIG TOES and WIDE, SMOOTH SOLES. A nice BIG ARCH as well. This boy is every FOOT GUY'S DREAM and the funny thing is he doesn't even realize it. We asked him if he takes care of his feet, and he said no. That they are always just like this. Yikes! We need one of our FOOT MEMBERS to give this boy some DEVOTED FOOT ATTENTION and show him what this is all about. James' FEET ARE TOO NICE not to get WORSHIPPED! Enjoy!


Friday, 12 December 2014

Michael Troy's Big, Sexy European Feet


Just when we thought we had seen all the HOT, EUROPEAN GUYS this site could offer, along comes MICHAEL TROY. This 27 year old STUD is here to INDULGE OUR FOOT FETISH. He wastes no time showing us his MUSKY SHOES AND SOCKS. They look so huge - well they are. This guy's LARGE SIZE 12'S are going to get the juices flowing. He SLOWLY TAKS OFF HIS SOCKS and gives us a good long TEASE of his BIG TOES and SEXY WIDE SOLES. He even brings his BIG FOOT TO HIS FACE TO TAKE A LICK. FOOT LOVERS REJOICE! Michael Troy is her to knock your socks off!



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